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Common outrigger forms of elevator

The support system of the elevator is mainly manual outrigger and hydraulic outrigger. Here, we will introduce the commonly used outrigger forms of elevator.

1、 The movable leg of frog type outrigger is hinged on the fixed leg, and its deployment is completed by hydraulic cylinder. It is characterized by simple structure, light weight, but small leg span, which is only suitable for small tonnage crane.

2、 H-type outrigger is not commonly used in the elevator, there are two hydraulic cylinders. After the active outrigger is extended, the vertical leg supports the ground when working, which is named as H. It has been widely used because of its large span and good adaptability to the site.

3、 When the X-type outrigger works, the outrigger is X-shaped with small ground clearance, and horizontal displacement occurs during the landing process of the support leg. When the X-type outrigger is small, the space for the heavy object to move is larger than that for the H-type outrigger. Therefore, it is often mixed with the H-type outrigger to form the type of front h and rear X.

4、 The radial outrigger takes the rotary center of the turntable as the center, and extends 4 outriggers from the basin shaped frame of the frame downward in a radial manner. It is characterized by good stability. During the lifting operation, all the load does not pass through the frame, but directly acts on the outrigger, which can reduce the weight of the frame and reduce the height of the gravity center of the whole machine, and protect the chassis from damage. It is mainly used in some super large cranes.

The above is the common hydraulic outrigger on the market. The hydraulic outrigger is often used in the elevator equipment. The function of the outrigger is to provide a larger supporting span for the lift when working without increasing the lift width, so as to make the lifting operation more stable without reducing the mobility of the elevator.


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