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How to choose an electric lift?

How to choose an electric lift?
The principle of electric lift: hydraulic oil is formed by vane pump under certain pressure, and enters the lower end of hydraulic cylinder through oil filter, explosion-proof electromagnetic directional valve, throttle valve and hydraulic control check valve. The balance valve makes the piston of the hydraulic cylinder up. Exercise, weight lifting For heavy objects, the oil returned from the upper end of the cylinder is returned to the fuel tank through the explosion-proof electromagnetic reversing valve, and its rated pressure is adjusted through the safety valve, and the reading of the pressure gauge is observed through the pressure gauge. Pressure gauge.

When choosing electric lifting equipment, you cannot choose blindly. Do market research and on-site inspections to determine the company's size and reputation. This is the most important. In order to seek violent shortcuts, many small companies in the market greatly reduced the quality of their lifting products. Although they will be sold at very cheap prices, such machines will not take long and have a high risk factor. Therefore, as a buyer, you cannot be greedy for a little price and let it become a greater regret.

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