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Does the electric lifting platform need annual inspection?

Does the electric lifting platform need annual inspection?

Since the electric lifting platform is not a special equipment, it can be used by general factories or individuals. Although the electric lifting platform does not require an annual inspection, each user must insist on a small monthly inspection of the electric lifting platform, such as whether the chain is rusted, whether the motor is damaged, whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient, and whether there is deterioration of the hydraulic oil.

For manned electric lifting platforms, more attention should be paid to inspection and maintenance, which not only protects the interests of the company, but also protects personal safety.

1. In addition to electrical professionals, please note that other people are not allowed to disassemble electrical appliances at will to prevent electric shock or accidental connection.
2. When working on the lifting platform, prevent squeezing hands, feet and clothes.
3. If the lifting platform needs to stay for a period of time after being raised, or need to enter the work platform for maintenance, the support platform should be used to support the lifting platform to prevent the work platform from falling and hurting people.
4. The overflow valve must not be adjusted at will. The hydraulic components in the hydraulic system work under the specified pressure. When the pressure is too high and the overflow valve is still not opened, the workbench may suddenly fall, resulting in damage to personnel, machines and objects.
5. Before disassembling any part of the hydraulic system, the pressure should be released to prevent the pressure oil from spraying out and causing the workbench to fall and hurt people.
The electric lifting platform is a motor used as the power for lifting, loading and unloading mechanical equipment. It is mainly used in industries and fields engaged in high-altitude operations, such as enterprises, chemical industry, municipal administration, power and transportation. Easy to move, easy to use, easy to operate, large working surface, wide range and good balance performance.

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